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Community Service

General Information
A key part of the IRTA Mission Statement is to provide community service. CCRTA members volunteer many hours of service each year. According to U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics, volunteer hours were worth $24.14 per hour. This translates into more than a million dollars in Indiana. Community service is a familiar activity for retired teachers and the value cannot be over-stressed. Our legislators know how valuable our volunteer hours have become. Our volunteer hours provide positive influence when asking our legislators to approve the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for retired teachers.

Be sure to count your volunteer hours for 2018. Keep a record of your volunteer hours when helping someone who is not a member of your immediate family. Your time will benefit someone directly, and it will benefit all Indiana retired educators.

The following guidelines should help in counting volunteer hours:
These hours are not for pay or for family.
Travel time to a volunteer activity can be included.
Calling time for groups can be included.
Example for volunteer opportunities include: YMCA, Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, Habitat for Humanity, Adult Literacy, hospitals, and schools. School volunteers must have a Criminal Background Check at their expense, currently $35.

Those retired teachers that leave the state for winter may still count the volunteer hours during that time. IRTA presents awards to each local RTA annually for the number of volunteer hours turned in by members of IRTA. CCRTA will present recognition to local members turning in the most volunteer hours each year. These hours are reported to the Community Service Chair.

Download Volunteer Hours Record Form here.


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