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CCRTA is a growing association of our retired and active teachers who are dedicated to improving the education of our students. The membership qualifications are as follows:

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Any retired educator or recipient of a disability or survivorship pension from the Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund shall be eligible for active membership. Active membership becomes effective on payment of dues.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Any active educator, spouse or other interested person not eligible for active membership should be eligible for associate membership. Associate membership becomes effective upon payment of dues.

Dues are paid annually during the month of October. Active Membership dues are $10.00 per year, and Associate Membership dues are $5.00 per year. Dues can be paid at the CCRTA meeting in October or sent to the CCRTA Treasurer.

Remember that CCRTA dues and IRTA dues must be paid separately. Regular Membership IRTA dues (for those who are retired) are $35 per year. Associate Membership IRTA dues (for those who are not retired) are $15 per year. You are encouraged to take advantage of the automatic deduction which will be taken from the September retirement pay. Lifetime IRTA memberships are available.
For more information see https://www.retiredteachers.org/membership


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